What's Left Behind - What We Can Learn From Tracks


The world is full of activity. Some is easily seen: cars rushing through traffic, children coloring pictures on paper, a mama rocking her baby, buses stopping to pick up school children, and animals in a field.


Other activity is less obvious. Sometimes it occurs when no one is paying attention. Other times it might occur in the dark of the night, when people are sleeping. If we take a close look at the world around us, however, we will find all sorts of clues that can tell us more about the activities that often go unnoticed and the creatures that create them. 

Deer tracks in the sand

Deer tracks in the sand

Tracks are a great way to start.

A simple walk on the beach or the woods might reveal footprints left behind by animals too shy to come out into the open where we can see them.

Raccoon tracks on the beach

Raccoon tracks on the beach

If you are lucky enough to leave in a snowy region, you are most likely very familiar with the tracks made by a sled,


or boots,


In a forest, you might find tracks left behind by a variety of animals.


Scientist study tracks to learn more about the animals that make them. Police officers might use vehicle tracks to solve a mystery. Looking at tracks, not just animal tracks, can tell us several different things:

  • what is making the tracks,

  • how long ago the tracks were made,

  • where did it come from,

  • where is it going,

  • how fast they were going.

Studying tracks can be lots of fun and gives us a chance to feel more connected to the world around us and even very young children will enjoy learning about them. 

Bear tracks on Alaskan hike

Bear tracks on Alaskan hike

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