Super Sleuth


By now, you most likely are aware that the newest Connections Box is ready and in the SHOP! (Just click the tab above to see it.) The first shipment of Super Sleuth boxes has already been mailed and some have even been delivered!!!

For those of you who would like a bit more information about it:


Super Sleuth is a box designed around the theme of detectives and spies. There are all sorts of materials included in the box, so that you and your child can uncover clues and solve mysteries around the house. My 7-10 year-old self always LOVED peering around corners with a periscope and looking for a good adventure, and I know your kids will as well. In fact, kids that are are a bit older than our targeted ages (3-8 years) will enjoy this, too, since they will be able to do much of it on their own. The youngest children will need a bit of help with some of the activities, but we believe it will be well worth it for everyone!!

You can order Connection Boxes one at a time or you can choose a subscription - either half-year (3 boxes) or one-year (6 boxes), New boxes are introduced every other month so that there is plenty of time for you and your child to enjoy and complete one before a new one arrives. We've been very intentional about curating our boxes with a blend of one-time activities and games that can be played over and over. Many of them can even be enjoyed as a family game. You'll find something to read, something to make and something to learn in every single box!


One of the goals of each and every Connections Box is to encourage connections between adults and children through play. One of the ways we do that (besides working on each activity together), is through the journaling cards. I believe that sharing your experiences with your child is just as important as hearing about theirs! We even offer a keepsake binder for the safe-keeping of your activity and journaling cards. (It comes free with a one-year subscription) What a treasure it will be in the future for them to look back and see how they responded to questions and prompts and you, as well!