Beat Summer Boredom


School is almost out in our school district, which means that summer vacation is just around the corner.  In many cases, along with it, goes the regular schedule that you worked so hard to establish during the school year. Knowing that you've got a couple of months ahead of you with lots of time to fill, you may be dreaming of that idyllic summer where the kids all get along, you spent time outdoors and fill each day with memory-making moments. Getting there, however, is sometimes a bit tricky.


Whether you work outside your home or spend your days surrounded by your children, I find that most people make plans for their free time in one of two ways:

* You are so excited about the relaxed schedule of summer that you envision days on end of sleeping late, watching TV in your jammies, an occasional play-date or two and lazing by the pool. 


* You have already made a summer bucket list with more activities than there are days to execute them. You want to go, go, go and fill every day with memory-making moments with your children.


BUT, sometime in the middle of the summer (if you are lucky to make it that long), the excitement fades and both you and your children are left looking for more. You hear "I'm bored!" till you want to scream, but you've got nothing up your sleeve.


Or perhaps you are so tired of flitting from place to place and just crave some down-time at home. What started as a fun, relaxing time together turns into crazy chaos.


We at Dot To Dot Connections are here to help!! For a limited time, in addition to our regular July shipment, we are offering a Summer 2-Box Special!! With this special deal, you will have the opportunity to select two boxes from our current selections. Both boxes will be shipped to you the first week of June so that you can keep the kids busy all summer. We even have add-on packs to provide enough consumable materials for an additional child to join in on the fun.  How cool is that?!?!?!


These boxes are curated for children ages 3-8 years old and many of the materials can be used over and over again. There are even some fun games that are packaged in drawstring bags that are perfect for travel. 

Email subscribers and Instagram followers will receive  a discount code that can used for this Summer Special. (Offer is good until midnight on May31.) 

Go ahead! Act fast! Limited boxes are available, and when they are gone, they will not be re-stocked.