Reading About the Weather


My mother was a stay-at-home mama, with a good teacher's instinct. She (and my Dad as well)  always encouraged us to explore and enjoy the world through every avenue possible: watching birds, digging in the dirt, building tree houses, playing in the rain, learning about people, listening to music, visiting museums, traveling, doing simple experiments, asking "why" and of course . . . reading. There really was no subject that was off-limits and when we had questions, they helped us look up the answers rather than just spoon-feeding them to us. We went to the library regularly, but also had a supply of mainly non-fiction books at home that we could use at any time. 

One such book, was the weather book that I referenced in my last post. It came in some sort of kit, but we had lots of other "science" books that we used until they literally fell apart. I remember having some about insects, birds, space and more.

In my own collection of children's books, I have a selection of different weather-related ones that I especially like. Most are readily available through Amazon, but probably easy to find in your local bookstore, as well.  The Weather Watch Connections Box includes a really nice National Geographic book about weather that I think you will enjoy, too.


What Will The Weather Be Like Today?  - by Paul Rogers - A simple rhyming book that explores a variety of different weather types, this book is appropriate for even very young children.

Big Sarah's Little Boots - by Paulette Bourgeois - Sarah is growing and can't figure out why her rain boots no longer fit.

* Rain - by Peter Spier - There are no words in this book, only pictures, so you and your child can tell the story together.

Little Cloud - by Eric Carle - I love Eric Carle books and this one is no exception. This book encourages us to look up and use our imaginations to see the different shapes in the sky.

Worm Weather - by Jean Taft - This is one of my new books and I love it. "Stomp in puddles and skip through rain in this imaginative and playful book about weather."

Just a Big Storm - by Mercer Mayer - This is another brand new book for me and my grandson LOVES it! Little Critter and his family prepare for a big storm that turns out not to be too bad after all.

 A Rainbow of My Own - by Don Freeman - This is one of my all-time favorite books and the worn pages show it! Children can let their imagination soar as they pretend to have a rainbow of their very own.