How To Make Miniature Traffic Signs


With lots of little boys playing around this house on a regular basis, cars and trucks and trains are often the toys of choice both inside and outside. We have lots of little vehicles and even have small train tracks and animals, but none of the sets contain traffic signs. While sets are available online, some are pretty pricey. Locally, I have been unable to find any sets without purchasing additional vehicles or buildings, so I decided to make my own.  

Online, I was able to find a variety of printable traffic signs, but I settled on this set from (You can click HERE to take you to the download.)


I printed them out on a sheet of cardstock and then laminated them before cutting them out. (I made 2 sets.)


I turned to Pinterest to figure out how to make them stand. I just happened to have a bag full of water bottle caps and a handful of craft sticks. I used the blade of my scissors to poke a hole in each lid and stuck a craft stick in each one. Once I was sure it would stand, I reinforced its placement with a squirt of hot glue. 


Lastly, I glued each sign to the other end of the sticks. 


These sticks have already gotten a lot of use and I expect that will continue as long as there are children around to play with them!