Quick Activity Using Fall Colors

Today, I wanted to share a quick and easy little indoor craft we did the other day. It took little to no preparation (the best kind of activity), but kept everyone entertained for a quite a while.

Materials:  Glass casserole dish (I like glass because you can see the colors through it, but any washable baking dish will work), paper towels, markers (such as Crayola), dropper or pipette and cup of water

1.  Line a glass casserole dish with paper towels

2.  Use markers to make marks, dots or shapes on the paper towels. In this case, I drew the leaves and he added all the marks around them.


(In the meantime, let your baby brother play with markers on a sheet of paper. . . or possibly the table.)


3.  Drop water onto the markings and watch the colors bleed and mix.


He liked it so much that we did it all again with fresh paper towels. This time, he made the marks himself.


Super easy and the mess is all contained in the dish. When you are finished, you can either let it dry as a piece of art or just toss the paper towels.