Favorite Halloween Books for Kids

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I am a children’s book lover! While teaching, I developed quite a nice collection. While it was necessary a few after my retirement, I kept most and they now fill the shelves of my sewing nook. In my last post, I shared my favorite non-Halloween Fall books. What follows today is a few of my favorite Halloween books. While I particularly love beautiful pictures in a book, most of these are not my favorites because of the fun story they tell or the message they convey. I've included associate links to these books on Amazon, but many are readily available at your local bookstores, as well.


Clifford’s First Halloween  by: Norman BridwellThis is a look back at the beloved big, red dog's very first Halloween, when he was just a tiny little puppy. Kids of all ages love it!


Big Pumpkin  by: Eric Silverstein

Through rhyme and repetition, this book tells the story of a huge pumpkin grown by a witch, and how the tiniest character uses his brain to figure out a way to pick it. While there are various Halloween characters portrayed, they are not scary and all enjoy a party together at the end.


Go Away, Big Green Monster  by: Ed Emberley

Large, graphic designs illustrate this simple story about a monster, then take the monster apart showing children that there is no need to be scared! (Kids LOVE this book!!!)


Joey, The Jack-O-Lantern  by: Janet Craig

Joey longs to be scary, but no one is scary until Willie the Witch provides something special. This is a cute, easy-to-read book with simple illustrations.


Five Little Pumpkins  pictures by: Dan Yaccarino

The classic fingerplay is re-told in this simple book that will delight even the youngest children.

This last book is a favorite from my own childhood. We had the book in our church library and when it was time for it to be discarded and replaced, I brought it home to live with me. 


Mousekin's Golden House   by: Edina Miller

This beautifully illustrated book is about a little mouse who takes up residence in a jack-o-lantern in the fall. The book is a little bit longer than most I have mentioned, but the rhyming verse makes it flow nicely. This book was first published in 1964, but there are still some newer paperback copies available.

A few other favorites that I love, but no longer have in my personal library (although that is certain to change eventually).

Spookley the Square Pumpkin.jpg

The Legend of Spookley: The Square Pumpkin  by: Joe Troiano

Spookley is different from all the other pumpkins in the patch. The other pumpkins tease him until he learns that being different can sometimes save the day.


Humbug Witch  by Lorna Balian

This is a cute little book that helps children realize that spooky things at Halloween (like witches) are really just make-believe and often involve a child wearing a costume.


The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid Of Anything  by: Linda Williams

A tale of a spooky chase through the woods that ends with a scarecrow hanging in the garden, this book is repetitive and for children to join in on the words and even motions.

You probably have your own favorites. Please share them in the comments below!