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Hello! Welcome to Connect the Dots, a brand new newsletter from Dot To Dot Connections!

Your time is valuable. Whether you are a working parent, a stay-at-home mom, a favorite babysitter, or a grandparent who only gets to see the kids every once in a while, you want to ensure that the time you spend with your child is meaningful. If you've checked out the Dot to Dot website, you know that I am committed to finding developmentally appropriate ways for you to connect with a special child in your life. 

Every single child is important and deserves that sort of connection. In fact, research shows that "having one or more caring adults in a child’s life increases the likelihood that they will flourish, and become productive adults themselves." 

The Connect the Dots newsletter will arrive in your inbox every few weeks offering practical tips, fun ideas, and a bit of inspiration to create long-lasting memories. From time to time, I will also share news about our products or provide links to my favorites from other companies.

I believe that young children learn best when they are playing, so you will find these pages filled with all sorts of fun ways to do that right here. You can also find me over on the Dot To Dot blog, exploring some subjects in a bit more depth, such as our recent literacy series or the series on using scissors.

5 Reasons Play Is So Important

1. Play is fun! Learning to play well (both solo and with others) is crucial for the development of positive social and emotional skills.

2. Play lays the foundation for literacy by giving children opportunities to practice new sounds and vocabulary.

3. Play allows children to make choices and explore materials in a way that interests them.

4. Play allows children opportunities to practice problem-solving skills as they try new and different ways of doing things.

5. Play IS learning, whether done alone, with another child or with an adult.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

If you have any questions or ideas for future newsletter topics, be sure to send them to me - I would love to feature the things that are most important to you. You will find all my contact information at the bottom of this newsletter. 

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Linda, Owner
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