Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I love all the seasons: there is something special about every single one. The calendar has now officially declared that "Fall Is Here!", whether your thermometer knows it or not. It is still blazing hot down here in the deep south, but some of you are beginning to see the change of seasons and are exchanging your shorts and swimsuits for cold weather gear.

This first set of fun ideas are brought to you compliments of the end of summer.Regardless of how you herald the new season, you might be doing a bit of decorating and cleaning to welcome the change. You could be busy storing blow-up pools, folding up the Slip & Slides and throwing away the worn out pool noodles. But, wait! Before you throw those colorful foam floaties in the trash can, I've got a few ideas you may want to try out. Even if there is no good way to recycle them, there are lots of fun ways to repurpose them, even if they show some wear and tear. (And if you don't have any on hand, they are particularly cheap in the stores right now.) 

5 Fun Ways to Repurpose
Pool Noodles

  1. Use a sharp knife (I used a butcher knife) to slice the noodle into pieces and let your child use them as blocks. I'll be adding my blocks to our outdoor play area, but because they are foam, they are great for indoor use as well. 

  2. Dump some of the sliced blocks into your child's bath water for a fun bath experience. Try giving them a couple of figurines that can float on top of them.

  3. Make a race track for small vehicles, by cutting one noodle in half lengthwise. Prop one end on a chair with the other end resting on the ground and let those cars fly down the track.

  4. Make a stick horse. Fold down one end of the noodle and secure it with string or large rubber bands. Draw eyes with a marker and you've got a horse to ride around the house/yard.

  5. Play tic-tac-toe. Cut 5 -6 slices of two different colors. Use sidewalk chalk to draw a grid on the sidewalk, then let each player choose their color and try to get three in a row!

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.
 - Oscar Wilde

Fall really is one of my favorite seasons (although you might hear me say that about spring as well). As summer slips into fall, I hope you have time to relax into the season and all the changes it brings along with it.

Until next time,